Ultimate Frisbee flies at Curve

14 Mar , 2016  

There is a flying saucer whizzing through the grey March sky above Victoria Park. But there are no little green men under it. Just 14 pairs of football boots pounding the damp grass underfoot in its pursuit. They have gathered for a game of ultimate Frisbee, a competitive version of the perennial hippy favourite. The […]

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The house in Clissold Park. Photo: David Knowles.


These amazing photos of Hackney parks will make you swoon

1 Mar , 2016  

We reckon Hackney has some of the most beautiful parks in London. So sit back, relax and enjoy our pick of photos from the top 7 parks in the borough. With skittish deer, languorous streams and a beautiful old house you’ll never want to leave Clissold Park   As one of Hackney’s best loved parks, it’s difficult to know where […]

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An image of running shoes in a marathon.


Hackney’s best running routes

26 Mar , 2015  

With the Hackney Half Marathon getting ever closer, it’s time to get into training, but it can be hard to motivate yourself when you’re competing for pavement space with curmudgeonly commuters who are late for the 08:47 to Crawley. We know you love running over here at the Hackney Post, so we decided to check out three […]

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Moped wheel


Moped muggings terrorise Stoke Newington residents

26 Mar , 2015  

Thieves on bikes and mopeds are nicking phones at a rate of five a week in Hackney. Since January approximately 60 moped robberies have taken place in the borough. Stoke Newington is one of the hotspots with multiple complaints being made by residents in the last two months. On local parenting Facebook page, Stokey Parents, […]

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VOTE: Who do you think is Hackney’s cutest dog?

24 Mar , 2015  

Images from Hackney residents and Reservoir Dogs Day Care. Last week saw the return of Frankie the dog who was stolen from a Dogs Trust event. The response to the campaign to locate the chihuahua showed that if there’s one thing Hackney gets passionate about, it’s their canine friends. Great news. #Frankie has been #Found! […]

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Lordship Park prostitution still a problem-residents

4 Dec , 2014  

Residents in Lordship Park and Queen Elizabeth’s Walk are unhappy that, despite attempts to tackle prostitution, kerb crawling remains an issue and police are said to be “not interested”. Sex work in the area has been a problem for years, but residents had hoped that following a recent police clampdown such activity would decrease. Temporary […]

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Clissold residents refuse to pay for fireworks

13 Nov , 2014  

Thousands of people lined the streets around Clissold Park to avoid paying to watch the fireworks display on Saturday night. The Hackney Pyromusical was the first public fireworks display the borough has seen in more than a decade, but has been heavily criticised for high ticket prices. Around 6,400 people entered the park for the […]



Hackney kids make masterpiece for Clissold Fireworks

26 Oct , 2014  

Hackney Council has teamed up with local families to produce a giant artwork made from Clissold Park’s own autumn leaves. Children have spent the day painting leaves from the park’s trees before they are stuck to a sculpture commemorating the park’s 125th anniversary. Lucy Gijsen, who was volunteering at the event, said: “The children are painting […]

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An image of autumn leaves


10 Things to do in Hackney this Autumn

20 Oct , 2014  

The days are getting colder, the nights are getting darker and people keep telling you how many days there are until Christmas. Yes, that’s right, we’re officially in autumn. Here at Hackney Post, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep you and your family busy during the season, so dust off the cobwebs, don […]

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