Olympic hospital admits having no extra beds for athletes


The NHS will not be boosting hospital facilities in preparation for the Olympics, it has emerged.

Homerton Hospital, which is one of the designated hospitals for the Games, is not intending to buy any extra beds for patients.

Homerton Hospital isn't planning on buying any more beds to compensate for increased traffic during the Olympics. Photo: Julie Cookson (Geograph) CC License

The hospital insists that ordinary patients in Hackney will not be affected when its services are used by Olympic athletes and officials this summer.

As well as Olympians, the hospital said it is expecting a rise in patients from Hackney and overseas during the Games.

But the number of beds will remain unchanged since last year, with a total of 491.

Local resident Kelly Holt, 24, said: “The Olympics shouldn’t affect what facilities are available to us normal residents.

“If the hospital is dealing with extra patients in the summer they should make sure they get extra beds so that they can cope.”

But Homerton Hospital claims it will be “business as usual” during the Olympics.

A spokesperson said: “We may be able to hear the cheers of the crowds from just down the road, but for us it’ll just be another day of work as normal.”

“Good management at the hospital has allowed us to be more flexible.

The hospital claims that the flexibility it had last year will also be enough during the games, with around 34 spare beds at one time.

In a statement, the Department of Health said it did not expect a big surge in the number of patients.

It said: “The NHS has the flexibility to cope with extra demand. The impact on hospital services in other countries hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games has not been significant.”

“Although this is being kept under review, we are not aware of specific numbers being discussed in terms of impact.”