The average wage in Hackney dropped dramatically in 2013

Hackney wage
Hackney wage

Credit: Sophie Warnes

Surprising new statistics show the average Hackney wage has plummeted by more than £7 a week, the equivalent of a bus journey to and from work.

New figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that although the borough has one of the highest weekly full-time wages in London, the average wage in Hackney dropped in 2013, decreasing by £7.10 per week. At 2014 prices, this is the equivalent of two single bus rides in London.

Hackney wages among the highest in London

However, the average weekly wage in Hackney is the tenth highest in London. It comes in after wealthier boroughs like Richmond, Wandsworth, and – with the highest pay at £950 – the City of London.

Additionally, for five years from 2007 to 2011, Hackney’s median weekly wage was consistently above London averages. Hackney wages have also exceeded national averages in England and in the UK since records began.

Data Visualisation: Sophie Warnes

Living Wage and Minimum Wage in Hackney

Although the median weekly wage in Hackney is impressive – at nearly twice as much as the London living wage (LLW) – Hackney is not without its problems when it comes to pay.

Hackney’s Mayor Jules Pipe said: “Low pay is an ongoing problem in certain jobs and we want workers and their employers to be aware of the national minimum wage and the right to receive at least that rate.

“The council is also committed to making Hackney a fair pay borough, where no one does a hard day’s work for less than they can reasonably live on.”

Hackney council is a London living wage employer and is aiming to become fully LLW-compliant for contract services.