Victoria Park video goes viral

Still from 'The Runners' film
Still from The Runners video
Still from The Runners video

A documentary about runners in Victoria Park has become a global hit.

The video has received widespread acclaim since its release two weeks ago, racking up YouTube hits around the world, from Germany to Guatemala.

Directors Matan Rochlitz and Ivo Gormley released the short film, called The Runners, on 15 November. Using a bike with a cart attached for the cameraman, the pair interviewed groups of runners through changing seasons. So far the video has received more than 36,000 views on YouTube.

The idea came from Mr Rochlitz, who found that swimming at his local pool put him in a meditative state. The pair thought that running would work in the same way, so they decided to find out for themselves.

In a piece published in The Guardian, Mr Gormley wrote that one interviewee had been “humbling” in his honesty about his determination to run a marathon for his father, who suffers from dementia.

“He looked at us without questioning where we were from, or why we were interested. He just told us how he felt. In a situation in which he might otherwise be vulnerable and cornered, he was strong and clear.

“That was the hope: that there was something about running that provides a distraction during an interview,” Mr Gormley said. “You can really get to the heart of the matter.”

He added that the reaction from runners and the general public has been “amazing”. Mr Gormley currently works at GoodGym, a project that encourages runners to do good deeds for the local community.

Watch the video here: