VIDEO: Take a tour of the new Old Castle Cinema


The whirring of the film reel, plush seats and the heady strains of a pipe organ: all are hallmarks of a previous golden age of cinema.

And now one company is trying to bring that experience back.

The creator of Pillow Cinema, a company that creates unique cinema experiences, is now focusing on bringing the retro and vintage atmosphere of classic film theatres to local cinema.

Asher Charman, founder and director of Theatron Media, believes he holds the key to giving local residents just that, an “experience local people are happy with”.

“There is an increasing desire for something which reflects an old tradition of things that are local.

“Chatsworth Road doesn’t have a cinema offering that kind of local touch.”

Theatron Media invited Hackney Post to see his latest project: a Kickstarter set up to revive the Old Castle Cinema, a classic film venue that ran from 1913 to 1958.

Asher takes us on a tour of the new Old Castle Cinema

The money gained from the kickstarter, will go towards transforming the Old Castle Cinema space owned by Eat17 on Chatsworth Road, currently disused, into a fully functioning auditorium with vintage, antique seating and traditional popcorn machines.

The Kickstarter project has gained almost a quarter of its £45,000 goal so far at £16,156 with 17 days still to go.

An advocate of online fundraising, the 31-year-old feels that sites such as Kickstarter were crucial to ensuring the success of his new business venture.

“Crowdfunding as a concept is just perfect for this type of project where it doesn’t really suit the old style of using a traditional bank where you don’t get that level of interaction with your audience – it’s a fantastic format.”

The rise in the popularity of events like Hot Tub cinema demonstrates a desire for more intimate and bespoke settings over generic multiplex venues.

When asked about his favourite film, Mr Charman was quick to establish his credentials as a certified film buff:

“The most recent film I enjoyed was ‘The Lobster’, a crossover title that is quite art house but has managed to appeal to the general audience.”

Interview with Asher Charman

The venue is expected to be open in June this year. For more information or to back their project click here.

Additional reporting by Aletha Adu

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