Toddlers lead lessons at nursery


Inside the new nursery

A recently-opened Hackney nursery allows young children to lead their own lessons.

Fount Nursery in London Fields says its teaching style encourages young children to become “independent and self-reliant learners”.

“Allowing a child to lead their learning gives them the skills to direct and understand the world for themselves,” said nursery manager Phil Robson.

A day at the nursery involves children moving between different “zones” of the open plan nursery designed by the award-winning educational designer Cool Canvas.

They start in an area where they can hang coats and bags before writing lesson plans for the day, a list of activities they would like to get through.

Assisted by staff, children help each other complete their lesson plans, but also have the freedom to move onto something else if they finish early, or find it too easy.

“Children at this nursery will not be learning how to play,” Mr Robson said. “They will attain an experience of the adult world but adapted for safety reasons.”

Rachel Munro-Peebles, one of Fount London’s innovators, said: “The gentle lighting keeps the children calm and focused on activities. The atmosphere of the nursery will not unsettle them. Instead, it will feel like they have moved to a home from home.”

Ofsted gave the nursery the go-ahead to open its doors last week.

Photo: FountNursery