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Techies live off Bitcoin for a month

Two Shoreditch tech developers have been living on Bitcoin for a month to gauge the popularity of the electronic currency. This November Edward Moyse, 25,...

Shoreditch Park body shocks residents

The body of a man believed to be in his 30s was found in Shoreditch Park this morning. Police were called at around 7:45am on...

Driver’s ‘heart stopped’ at the wheel in Kingland Rd collision

Kingsland Road was in chaos on Thursday morning after a truck driver crashed into lamp posts and a bus after his heart stopped at...

Interactive map: A street art tour of Shoreditch

View our interactive tour of Shoreditch's street art

Famous people from Hackney: who has lived or studied in the...

How many famous people from Hackney can you name? We've compiled a comprehensive list of celebrities who have lived or studied in Hackney.

Shoreditch to plug in to £2.2m power network boost

A £2.2m network upgrade is underway in Shoreditch to try to meet increasing electricity demand in the booming business area.

Shoreditch ‘Village Hall’ aims to let whole of Hackney benefit from...

A company supporting start-up businesses launched an alternative ‘village hall’ in Hoxton last week. Shoreditch Works launched the new crowdfunded venue on Hoxton Square, which it claims will engage all of Hackney with the economic success of the Shoreditch technology boom.

Celebrities auctioned off in Shoreditch

Over 100 artists hosted a charity auction yesterday at Shoreditch Blackhall Studios.

Review: London pictures, Gilbert and George

Gilbert and George, Hoxton's Turner Prize winning artists, unveil their latest installation 'London Pictures'. It's an exhibition they call “a faithful portrait of the city over the past six years”.

Trendy cafes opening in Hackney’s poorest areas

A buoyant café culture is emerging in some of Hackney’s poorest areas as trendy new eateries open up amongst council estates. Ex-fat cats, musicians and hipsters are moving in to take advantage of cheaper rents and a fresh cultural perspective away from hotspots like Hoxton and Shoreditch.