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Review: the RSC’s Hamlet at Hackney Empire

Director Simon Godwin and Paapa Essiedu bring something different to the table in this all-black production of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. The thing about Hamlet is...

Digging up the past for Shakespeare Week

In fair Shoreditch, where we lay our scene, archaeologists discovered the remains of one of the earliest Elizabethan playhouses, the Curtain Theatre. In June 2012...

Hip-hop Shakespeare workshop

“Shakespeare was entertainment, it was meant for the masses. He wrote performance poetry, therefore you have to see it performed, you have to feel the rhythm, someone has to give it life, it’s not something where you sit down and read it without seeing and understanding it beforehand.”

Hackney’s close Shakespeare connection revealed

Forget Stratford-upon-Avon and the Globe. It turns out Hackney provided the first stage for Shakespeare's masterpieces. Beth Mellor and Clare Dickinson investigate the connections between the borough and the Bard.

Hackney: a hub for art in the community

This has been a week of simultaneous celebration and destruction for Hackney. Shakespeare launched his career in Shoreditch, as lively in the 16th century as it is in the 21st. Residents have loved, censured and explored their corner of London during this week's East festival.

Site of first staging of Romeo and Juliet found in Hackney

The theatre where William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was first performed has been unearthed in Hackney. Archaeologists from the Museum of London discovered the remains of a polygon-shaped playhouse in believed to have been built in 1576.