Money is tight but business is good for long-jumper JJ Jegede

British long jumper JJ Jegede has just jumped over three Mini Coopers — that’s six metres, two metres less than he will need to...

VIDEO: Anyone else heard of Korfball?

Can you name a sport which men and women play together both as team-mates and opponents? We have the answer...

Architects reveal floating cinema for Olympic build-up

Designs for a floating cinema that will tour the canals and rivers of East London have been unveiled by architects. The project is part of an Olympic-backed initiative and will launch this summer.

MP warns Hammers boss over stadium plans

'Fail to deliver on your promises and you’ll have me to deal with' Meg Hillier tells Karen Brady

Dalston shopkeepers want payout for £2.3m facelift

Shops and businesses have called for "organised compensation" for the disruption caused by the Dalston regeneration works.

Hackney Empire to feature on Olympic badge

Vote for iconic landmark to feature on badge confirms the Empire's special place in Hackney residents' hearts.

Major hotel firms checking in to Hackney

With the London Olympics now just two years away, a hotel boom is underway

London 2012 media centre vox pop

Following the publication of the London 2012 media centre designs, The Hackney Post asked the people of the borough what they thought.

Newspaper interest in Media Centre for London 2012 Olympics

Fears that the London 2012 media centre could be left disused after the Olympics have been allayed after a major newspaper publisher expressed strong interest in the site.

Olympic Games will be a test of Hackney’s green ethos

Sunday's Cycle East event was just the tip of Hackney's environmental initiative. As the Arcola Theatre picks up national awards for its innovative outlook, Hackney is taking steps as a borough to improve its ecological status. In fact, Hackney has the lowest carbon emissions in London.