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Leila Deen in ‘custardy’ for Peter Mandelson attack

HACKNEY activist Leila Deen could have expected a tough interrogation when she was arrested for throwing green custard at business secretary Peter Mandelson this week.

Leila Deen talks about splatting Mandelson with green custard

From custard to custody, Hackney local Leila Deen tells Etan Smallman why the environment is no laughing matter - and why she's happy to be basking in the limelight.

Climate change protestor Leila Deen arrested

Climate change protester Leila Deen has been arrested following an incident in which Business Secretary Lord Mandelson was covered in green custard. The Hackney-based campaigner attended a central London police station on Saturday in relation to the attack. Scotland Yard confirmed that Ms Deen, 29, visited the station this weekend "by arrangement".