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Hackney Fashion Hub ‘does nothing for Hackney’

Hackney Fashion Hub might bring the world’s luxury fashion market into the borough but it is not clear how far the local community will...

Photography collection rebuked for lack of diversity

A collection of photographs aimed at displaying Hackney’s “diverse mixture of creative personalities” has come under fire for its lack of minority representation, with...

“Faggerston” – Hackney’s newest LGBT hotspot

Credit: Holly Revell By Miranda Larbi and Nicola Slawson Halfway between the glitzy metropolis of Shoreditch and the cool but distinctly grimy environs of Dalston lies...

Hackney home to London’s fastest-growing house prices

Gentrification in Hackney is leaving local residents locked out of the housing market, a new report suggests. Savills estate agents found that Hackney was home...

Trendy cafes opening in Hackney’s poorest areas

A buoyant café culture is emerging in some of Hackney’s poorest areas as trendy new eateries open up amongst council estates. Ex-fat cats, musicians and hipsters are moving in to take advantage of cheaper rents and a fresh cultural perspective away from hotspots like Hoxton and Shoreditch.