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Harold Pinter portrait to help Hackney youth

The portrait of Harold Pinter that hung above the desk on which he wrote his masterpieces is now up for auction to raise money for disadvantaged youth in Hackney.

Hackney churchbells ring out Oranges and Lemons

The nursery rhyme, Oranges and Lemons is being brought clang up to date by a composer who is recording the various London church bells of the popular rhyme, with local schoolchildren singing along.

Hackney churchbells ring out Oranges and Lemons

Composer and director Benjamin Till tells Etan Smallman about his plan to record Oranges and Lemons using the church bells of St Leonard's in Shoreditch, along with all the other London bells featured in the rhyme - and local schoolchildren singing the lyrics.

Dalston bus diversions leave passengers frustrated

Bus users in Dalston were left confused and frustrated this weekend after routes were diverted to make way for major road works.

Hackney gems captured on Google Street View

When Google launched its new Street View mapping facility last week, it expected users to enjoy its new "innovative street-level imagery" of 25 British cities.

Leila Deen in ‘custardy’ for Peter Mandelson attack

HACKNEY activist Leila Deen could have expected a tough interrogation when she was arrested for throwing green custard at business secretary Peter Mandelson this week.

Leila Deen talks about splatting Mandelson with green custard

From custard to custody, Hackney local Leila Deen tells Etan Smallman why the environment is no laughing matter - and why she's happy to be basking in the limelight.