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Hackney’s finest kebab house cuisine

Hackney Post takes you through some of the best kebabs in Hackney from meat feasts to vegetarian bonanzas to a favourite haunt of Rowan Atkinson.

Award-winning designer in running for Louis Vuitton grant

Loverboy is a fashion brand founded by Charles Jeffrey, a Scottish-born fashion designer known for his gender-fluid designs.

Where to go for all your Mother’s Day needs in Hackney

You may not need to venture further than Hackney to please the mother in your life this weekend. From florists to brunch spots to the...

Fans flock for Ryan Gosling movie marathon

Ryan Gosling fanatics turned out in their droves for a free six-hour film screening at the Hackney Picturehouse yesterday. 100 lucky fans enjoyed a triple bill...

East London beers: Our top 10 – and their celebrity counterparts

A revolution is taking place in Hackney. Not the violent, regime-changing type, but a much more pleasant one altogether - one which, like all...

Interview: East London street photographer Colin O’Brien

Richard Crook interviews East London street photographer Colin O'Brien for the Hackney Post.

Hackney’s vibrant street art culture under threat

The East End has long been a Mecca for alternative street art, from graffiti to huge, watercoloured murals. But this culture is in jeopardy, as more and more high rise buildings pop up across London.

Lorenzo Vitturi: Life and art in Dalston

Lorenzo Vitturi is an Italian photographer has lived in Dalston for more than seven years, developing a close bond with the area.