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Hackney’s vibrant street art culture under threat

The East End has long been a Mecca for alternative street art, from graffiti to huge, watercoloured murals. But this culture is in jeopardy, as more and more high rise buildings pop up across London.

Famous people from Hackney: who has lived or studied in the...

How many famous people from Hackney can you name? We've compiled a comprehensive list of celebrities who have lived or studied in Hackney.

House-boaters have a sinking feeling

The friends are part of east London’s floating population, currently docking their canal boats in Hackney’s portion of the River Lea.

Ridley Road Market: The real EastEnders

Its slanging matches and dodgy market goods make Eastenders one of Britain's best-loved TV programmes. But what is the original East End market that inspired the soap really like?