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Support for Michael Gove “wet dream” school

More than 500 parents have expressed support for the opening of a school described as a "Michael Gove's wet dream". However, an application to go ahead with the school was submitted to the Department for Education at the end of February after 502 parents expressed an interest in reserving a place for their child.

David Cameron takes election fight to Hackney with Shoreditch speech

The leader of the opposition spoke to party faithful at Hackney rally.

David Cameron holds election rally in Shoreditch

The leader of the opposition rallies supporters ahead of the general election at a meeting in Shoreditch.

Cameron attacks Gordon Brown’s “porky pies”

David Cameron offered Labour some food for thought at a campaign rally in Shoreditch last night.

In pictures: Conservative rally in Shoreditch

Pictures from David Cameron's rally speech at village Underground earlier this evening.

Hackney support vital to Gordon Brown says spin doctor

Hackney's answer to Alastair Campbell has tipped Gordon Brown to win the next election and described David Cameron's shadow cabinet as inept bunglers. David Kingsley, who worked as a special advisor to the government in the 1960s, said Labour would be able to cling to power at the next Parliament provided boroughs like Hackney maintain their grass roots support.