Olympic Games will be a test of Hackney’s green ethos

12 Mar , 2009  

Sunday’s Cycle East event was just the tip of Hackney’s environmental initiative. As the Arcola Theatre picks up national awards for its innovative outlook, Hackney is taking steps as a borough to improve its ecological status.

In fact, Hackney has the lowest carbon emissions in London.

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Three intimate short plays at the Arcola Theatre

11 Mar , 2009  

The dark but cavernous space of the Arcola’s studio theatre provides an intimate setting for three new shorts which all take the importance of being witnessed as their theme.

Repeated three times on one Sunday afternoon, the programme opens with a dark comedy from Steven Berkoff.

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Hackney: a hub for art in the community

11 Mar , 2009  

This has been a week of simultaneous celebration and destruction for Hackney. Shakespeare launched his career in Shoreditch, as lively in the 16th century as it is in the 21st. Residents have loved, censured and explored their corner of London during this week’s East festival.

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Hackney cyclists ride through the rain for the East Festival

9 Mar , 2009  

Hackney cyclists braved the rain for a varied programme of Venezuelan music, East End plays and jazz across the borough yesterday.

Some 30 cyclists dashed between three venues to catch the performances as part of Cycle East in this week’s East festival.

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