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What do Hackney Post readers want from the budget?

George Osborne has unveiled the new budget. What are your hopes and fears about his plans for Hackney? Featured image credit: Lee Davy Like our page on Facebook,...

Hold your fire! Hackney fire station safe for another year

Kingsland Fire Station is safe, for a while at least, as the decision to close it is put out to public consultation

Hackney councillor says cuts are ‘social cleansing’

Hundreds of Hackney residents will be forced out of London in a form of social cleansing if the government’s new benefits cap on families goes ahead, a Hackney councillor has warned.

Miéville says vicious cuts are ‘social cleansing’

Award-winning author China Miéville accuses government of putting London through “social cleansing”

Nick Hornby visits ‘miracle’ Dalston library

Internationally renowned author Nick Hornby visited Dalston last Tuesday to mark the opening of Hackney's first new library for 20 years.

‘Racist’ cuts threaten black community

The black community will become an “underclass” in Hackney because of “racist” government cuts according Ken Livingstone's former advisor.

Language course cuts will have a ‘devastating impact’ on immigrants

Community leaders slam funding cuts to programme that helps non-English speakers improve job prospects.

Unemployment reaches 11-year high despite Olympic pledge

Jobseekers claiming benefits increased again last month, raising questions over the Olympics' promise to provide jobs for local people.