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Vogue for second hand fashion means boutiques are booming

Vintage chic is causing a stir on Hackney's high streets. We take a closer look at why second-hand fashion is making a comeback.

Recession hits Hackney families sending money home

Families from Nigeria and the Caribbean are suffering the effects of the credit crunch as cash-strapped relatives in Hackney are forced to wire less money home.

Lingerie is a thriving business in Hackney

Some women binge on chocolates. Others watch hours of chick flicks. But in North Hackney, women are beating the credit-crunch blues by stocking up on brand name bras.

Hackney businesses advised on how to beat the credit crunch

Businesses in Hackney have been given guidance on riding out the recession by an award-winning business guru.

The swish new fashion craze for the credit crunch

It is the latest fashion phenomenon to come out of the credit crunch. Based around the idea that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure, swishing is the only way to update your wardrobe without opening your wallet.

Artist at East Festival introduces an ice cream currency

The City may be fretting about sterling's slide against the dollar, but that's no worry for Mexican artist Minerva Cuevas. Ms Cuevas has introduced a new currency to the streets of Shoreditch - the S.COOP - which is being circulated among traders in Petticoat Lane market as an interactive art project funded by East Festival.