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David Cameron takes election fight to Hackney with Shoreditch speech

The leader of the opposition spoke to party faithful at Hackney rally.

David Cameron holds election rally in Shoreditch

The leader of the opposition rallies supporters ahead of the general election at a meeting in Shoreditch.

Cameron attacks Gordon Brown’s “porky pies”

David Cameron offered Labour some food for thought at a campaign rally in Shoreditch last night.

Fears raised over council debt at launch of budget

Council tax is frozen again but opposition parties condemn deepening deficit

Enough of this Punch and Judy politics

We should be glad the council's budgets no longer attract placard-waving protestors, but its meetings are as unappealing to the public as ever, writes Marion Dakers

Hackney has a budget and now we face the consequences

Labour might be proud of its new budget, but Hackney cannot afford such largesse

Caplan chosen to stand for Tories at general election

Hackney North and Stoke Newington Conservatives have appointed communications executive Darren Caplan to fight Labour MP Diane Abbott at the next election. Mr Caplan, 36, has campaigned with local activists in the constituency since last March and said he was "tremendously grateful" to win the nomination.