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Banksy’s old studios facing bleak future

The owner of Banksy’s old studios has warned that the rooms could be converted into offices as early as 2017. "The end of Mother Studios" Joanna Hughes,...

Rare signed Banksys to be flogged by Hackney studio

London’s first permanent display of Banksy's prints will flog rare Banksys at £50,000 a pop. Hang-Up Gallery on Stoke Newington High Street are showing unique...

Interactive map: A street art tour of Shoreditch

View our interactive tour of Shoreditch's street art

Graffiti: Van Gogh or vandalism?

Hackney is renowned for its colourful and original street-art, but artists claim the local art form is under threat.

Protests at threats to Plastic People and the Foundry

One of Hackney's favourite nightclubs, Plastic People is under threat.

Hackney gems captured on Google Street View

When Google launched its new Street View mapping facility last week, it expected users to enjoy its new "innovative street-level imagery" of 25 British cities.

Painting over the postcode wars in Hackney’s community

Young people caught up in Hackney's postcode wars have been given the chance to express themselves through paint.

Hackney: a hub for art in the community

This has been a week of simultaneous celebration and destruction for Hackney. Shakespeare launched his career in Shoreditch, as lively in the 16th century as it is in the 21st. Residents have loved, censured and explored their corner of London during this week's East festival.

Hackney’s new Banksy is defaced with graffiti

The new Banksy in Hackney's Gillett Sqaure was defaced with graffiti over last weekend. Vandals have beaten Hackney Council to it by scribbling over the new Banksy stencil of a young boy with a boom box.