Sustainable juicing company launches crowdfunding campaign


A Hackney Wick drinks company has launched a crowdfunding campaign which aims to extend their environmentally-friendly approach across the country.

Rejuce, founded in 2012 by Thomas Fletcher, collects perfectly edible fruits and vegetables destined to be thrown away and turns them into fresh juices.

Recently, business has been booming faster than Fletcher can manage.

Sustainable juicing

He is now after £10,000 to fund the purchase of high-tech juicing machinery that will allow him to produce significantly more produce than before, allowing him to keep up with demand.

“We have traditionally sold to conferences, charity events, and small independents like the Downward Deli in Victoria Park or Passing Clouds in Dalston.

“We like to work with people who have the same ethics. However, our main source of income is through supplying festivals.”

Fletcher now wants focus on supplying bigger quantities to festival clients and working with supermarkets.

“The more we can produce, the cheaper and more effective we will be, and in turn the more suppliers and buyers will get in contact,” he said.

Fletcher claims he began his business in a student flat, finding his fruits and vegetables through “skipping” – an illegal activity that involves finding edible food that is destined for the landfills.

Since then, he has expanded his business to an industrial estate in Hackney Wick.

With Spitalfields Market in the area, he had a consistent supply of unsold fruit and veg.

“Hackney Wick was at that point a small “un-hip” light industrial mecca, perfect for building an industrial production kitchen on a shoe-string budget.”

Ethical expansion

His ventures eventually landed him in speaking about food waste in front of a panel of EU representatives.

He initially felt out of place, but quickly realised his on-the-ground knowledge was what was the panel was after.

“I realised I was in fact very helpful to them in understanding the issue first-hand,” he said.

“I gave them a lot of ideas of how to change the law and create new standards that would help other people do what I do, without the fear of being sued.

“I had a new found respect for politicians who were dedicated to constructively changing the perception of food and food systems.”

Fletcher is determined to reduce food-waste across the country alongside growing his business.

“Reusing is much better than recycling in terms of energy transfers.

“We are in the first wave of businesses that is zero waste and pro-actively goes after large companies’ waste to help them become more sustainable.”

Help Rejuce take environmentally-friendly business practice to the mainstream by donating to the crowdfunding campaign here.

Rejuce video

Featured image credit: Thomas Fletcher

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