Time stands still for De Beauvoir’s historic church clock

St Peter De Beauvior is looking for £1800 worth of donations to repair their clock, which has stopped working.


£1800 is needed to repair the much-loved old clock at the top of St Peter De Beauvoir church tower.

The clock is currently not working as reconstruction is required on the gears and connections to the four clock faces. More work will help to build upon the overhaul of some of the mechanism which was started in mid-2017.

“everyone who lives in the area or cycles past the church notices if the clock stops”

Last year a number of De Beauvoir residents contributed towards repairs, with St Peter’s church spending a grand total of £2,600 on the clock. The next phase of repair work will require donations in the region of £1,800.

Paul Snow, PCC secretary of St Peter’s Church, said: “Almost everyone who lives in the area or cycles past the church of St Peter De Beauvoir notices if the clock stops, and they miss the hourly chimes that provide a sense of continuity and well-being. The clock was made by Vale of London in 1841 so is as old as the church itself.

“The volunteers who wind heavy weights up the tower every week to keep it running, and the interest from local people in its well-being, pay tribute to how much the church clock is appreciated.”

To contribute to the clock’s maintenance, you can email pccsecretary@stpeterdebeauvoir.org.uk or donate via the website.