Spud Brothers spread love of potatoes in Hackney


A “potato-obsessed” chef is launching a stall this Sunday at Chatsworth Road Market, selling all manner of spud-based dishes.

Max Grimes, co-founder of the Spud Brothers food stall, told Hackney Post he was tired of seeing the market selling the same products packaged in different ways: “We saw a gap in the Hackney’s food market. Everyone’s doing burgers, and everyone’s selling fancy coffee.

“They’re doing the same fancy things with them just to make them look different.

“So we wanted to pass my love and obsession with potatoes onto the renowned food-lovers of Hackney.”

Earlier this month it was revealed that we now eat half the amount of potatoes that we did in 1974.

New life for the humble potato

Glorious spuds; Credit: Tahir mq via Wikimedia Commons

The Spud Brothers say they want to reignite people’s love for the British potato through traditional dishes.

The menu for their grand opening on Sunday will include home fries, croquettes and bubble and squeak.

All the organic potatoes used in their recipes will be boiled, baked and then pan-fried, to achieve the Spud Brothers’ unique taste.

Mike Stern, assistant to the Chatsworth Road Market manager, told Hackney Post his office and the street sellers were extremely happy to have the Spud Brothers join the team: “With market rates increasing, it’s getting extremely difficult to recruit a variety of traders who sell different products from those that are currently being sold on the market.

“They’re an extremely talented duo whose classic dishes will certainly appeal to Chatsworth Market’s diverse consumers.”

Max said he and his partner Sam Pearce could not decide at which market in Hackney to launch their stall because they all have “completely different vibes that work well for their area”.

Spud Brothers hit Chatsworth Road Market

Spud Brothers will join roughly thirty other stalls at Chatsworth Road Market; Credit: Charles Ward

But Chatsworth’s trading hours enticed them into the final application.

“Chatsworth Market is one of Hackney’s classic markets because it has been running for such a long time. I think it’s a much better environment for rookies like us to start out”, Shadwell said.

He told Hackney Post: “More importantly though, Chatsworth is the only market in Hackney that runs on a Sunday.

Max and Sam are excited to begin work at Chatsworth Road Market this Sunday, although they had hoped that the proposed to bill to extend Sunday opening hours would be passed last week.

Max said: “To be honest, it should be up to the traders to decide when they start and when they finish trading.

“Of course, guidelines need to be set out so we don’t sell for ages, but we should be given some sort of independence when deciding what is right for our businesses.”

Featured image credit: Charles Ward

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