Silver Sunday success in Hackney

A group of elderly gather on Silver Sunday.

About 120 people aged over 50 gathered in Hackney Town Hall on Sunday 7 October to to celebrate national Silver Sunday.

Silver Sunday is an initiative established in 2012 in order to reduce loneliness among elderly people.

It was set up by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation and Westminster City Councillor, Christabel Flight.

The event included a meal and a performance from the Hackney Empire Community Choir.

Such experiences are important for older people, said Muriel Trott, in her seventies,  who attended the gathering with a friend, Peggy Davis, in her eighties.

“We’ve been friends for over forty years, and we do a lot of things together, but there are a lot of people on their own”.

Hackney Speaker Clare Potter also spoke at the event.

Social isolation is “an issue in general for elderly people in London and across the country,” she said, adding that “every little helps”.

Last year, there were over 750 Silver Sunday events across the country.

The Office for National Statistics recently claimed that 1.4 million elderly people feel lonely.

Today, there are a record number of lonely people in England, according to the latest analysis from charity Age UK.

Age UK also estimates that in seven to eight years, the total number of isolated old people in the country will be more than two million.