Should the Dalston Kingsland towerblock go ahead?


A 50 metre high private towerblock with flats and space for shops could take the place of Peacocks Department Store on Kingsland High Street next to Dalston Kingsland station, if Hackney Council approves the plans in tonight’s hotly anticipated meeting.

The developer, Rothas Limited, is offering £1.7m to remodel and install lifts in the nearby station.

English Heritage and OPEN Dalston, an association of people living and working in the local area, claim the building will not bring much needed affordable housing or jobs to the area. They also insist it is not in keeping with the local architecture.

The Hackney Post asked people at Dalston Kingsland station what they thought of the plans.

I will be very disappointed if they build that towerblock. This is a nice area and I’ve been living here for seven years. It’s changed in a good way. But this building isn’t in keeping with the rest of Dalston. Why can’t we have more green spaces instead of this towering monstrosity?

Virginia Pena, waitress, 38, Dalston

Oh my goodness, it’s not good at all. Dalston is already too crowded. The last thing we need is more people in this small space. I really hope it doesn’t go ahead.

Rita Kodjo, 40, works on tills at Tesco, Dalston

I quite like tower blocks. As long as it doesn’t block the view of the city of London it wouldn’t bother me at all. It’d be good to have a new building in the area.

Jon Gillespie, 33, photo editor, from Clapton

It’s completely unnecessary and looks ugly. What a waste of money.

Janine Thompson, 25, teacher, Hackney

Lots of people need houses but it’s already quite crowded here.

John Mobin, 32, market trader, Hackney

It’s wrong that they’re not going to contribute to the local community. We’ll keep going on Ridley Road Market though. I’ve been there since I was eight years old, it’ll take more than an ugly building to get rid of me.

Eric Charters, fruit and vegetable seller, 70, Dalston

More development here is probably inevitable but this building looks enormous and it won’t fit in with the other buildings.

Bob Still, 46, workplace mediator, Shepherd’s Bush