Successful fetish club has a final blowout

A Club Rub BDSM event in Hackney
A Club Rub BDSM event in Hackney

Fetishists will have a last chance to come out and play on April 1 when Club Rub is holding an event to mark its closure.

This will be the last time Club Rub, usually on Hackney Road, opens its doors. The event, in the City of London, will include the Annual Rubber Awards: prizes will be given to the best dressed.

Founder of the club Miss Kim, who has spent 22 years in the Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) business, says she is now ready to focus more on workshops, with the possibility of organising a couple of big events per year.

Hackney resident Miss Kim says she has been organising fetish events every month for over two decades.

For the past five years she has been offering BDSM workshops to women, alongside latex workshops teaching people how to work with the fabric, wax play workshops, and impact play workshops.

Wax play and impact play entail “dropping wax on people for erotic fun and spanking people”, Miss Kim said.

One online testimonial about one of Miss Kim’s sessions on the website Niume commented: “On arrival we were given a glass of cava and did some introductions, I felt relaxed from the start and it made you feel like you were meeting with old friends to discuss the ins and outs of the Mistress Lifestyle…

“Miss Kim was wonderful and showed her very witty side which had us in fits of giggles many times, a beautiful person inside and out and very knowledgable [sic] in the subject area…

“Many useful tips were discussed throughout the workshop and I’m glad that Miss Kim summed these up in a ‘takeaway’ email as there were so many to remember, I’ll never have quite the same visit to a B&Q store after those!!!

Miss Kim said: “I’d like to move more into the area of BDSM training, focusing more on that aspect of the industry. So at my new bi-annual event there will be lots of play involved and less of the dancing environment.”

Over the years interest in the fetish industry has rapidly increased. “It’s getting more and more popular, and of course my Mistress workshops are only for ladies, so a growing number of ladies are definitely becoming interested in participating in my new event Mistress & Master.”