Ross from Friends to marry Hackney-based girlfriend

David Schwimmer: engaged to Hackney girl Zoe Buckman (photo: Gdc Graphics)

You might call it “The one where Ross marries a girl from Hackney.”

In a transatlantic plot twist that echoes his on-screen life, Friends star David Schwimmer has become engaged to his Stoke Newington-based girlfriend.

Zoe Buckman, 24, was working as a waitress in Central London in 2007 when she met Schwimmer, 45, who was directing the film Run Fat Boy Run at the time.

Buckman, who works as a photographer, will now move from Hackney to Hollywood. Unlike his Friends character, Dr. Ross Geller, this will be Schwimmer’s first marriage. However, it’s not his first English romance, having previously dated S Club 7 star Tina Barrett.

The couple have yet to confirm the precise date when they will say: “I’ll be there for you…”


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