Question Time draws boisterous Hackney crowd


The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s opinions on abortion were the primary target  last Thursday as Hackney’s politicos converged at The Attic, Mare Street to give the establishment a good Twitter rollicking.

The latest Question Time Watch-along, which draws  people  together to communally vent their ire over the topics raised on the BBC show, drew 40 people with its mix of booze, politics and live comedy.

The monthly event was founded a year ago by Natalie Grant, 25, a freelance blogger for The Independent and New Statesman. She said of her inspiration for the event: “I enjoyed sitting at home on a Thursday with a bottle of wine, yelling at the screen and venting my ire on Twitter. There was already an established group of people on Twitter playing the Question Time drinking game and ‘dimbledancing’, so it seemed natural to bring it into real life.”

Dimbledancing is a craze that has swept into the public consciousness via YouTube and involves people dancing extravagantly to the Question Time theme tune. Dance-offs have become a central plank of the watch-along experience and are the favourite part for recent graduate Rachel Clarke, 25, who attended last week’s event.

Ms Grant says the guests, who can number up to 100, are generally quite left-wing, something she puts down to comedy being “sort of lefty”, although she adds, “we do get a few token Tories in but they normally hide at the back!”

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