Power cut leaves nearly 200 homes in the dark


UK Power Networks has apologised to Hackney residents after a power cut saw 185 households and businesses without electricity for nearly seven hours.

The power cut slowed down traffic as engineers dug up the surface of Chatsworth Road in order to repair a faulty cable.

Mark Casey, who lives on the road, said he saw “smelly yellow smoke venting from the pavement by Chats Palace”.

Casey called the fire service and British Gas before engineers arrived on the scene. Engineers worked through the night to bring power back to the community.

Casey praised the engineers’ efforts, saying they had worked like “a well-tuned engine”.

However some residents were less pleased with the engineers’ efficiency. Elizabeth Went, who commutes through Chatsworth road, said: “This is disrupting my daily commute. Traffic is bad enough in London without the road being dug up every time there’s a power cut”.

A spokesperson from UK Power Networks said: “We would like to reassure our customers that we worked as quickly as was safely possible to restore their supplies.

“We realise how frustrating it can be to be without power and apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

A full repair has not yet been conducted on the road. Hackney Borough Council have given UK Power Networks until 4 November to complete the work.