Police hunt for serial burglar in Shacklewell

Police are urging locals to remain vigilant as they search for the offender, following a spate of break-ins

Picture of Hackney homes as police hunt for burglar
Police say the homes were all burgled with similar methods, leading them to suspect a recurring offender © Zahra Warsame

Police are warning residents to be vigilant after residential homes in Shacklewell were targeted in a series of break-ins, including four in the past week, as they search for the burglar. 

More than 20 homes were contacted by police about the recent rise in robberies. Shortly after receiving a crime prevention leaflet, 33-year-old Dani Dorothy, who lives on Cecilia Road, messaged her neighbour to warn her about the spike in burglaries. Dorothy was shocked to find out her neighbour “had already been broken into”.

Dorothy was also concerned about the lack of community support. She said: “If we don’t go around and check on each other often, we have to do more to make sure it’s not easy to break into our home.”

One burglar is suspected to have gained access to all the properties through the back door, stealing a number of items.

Police Constable Farhan Asghar of the Shacklewell Safer Neighbourhoods Team said all the burglaries are being treated as linked “because of the way each home was targeted. All the thefts shared the same modus operandi.”

Leo Gomes, 25, discovered her neighbour was a victim of the burglaries. Gomes said residents must be more “cautious and sensible” in light of the break-ins.

The investigation is still ongoing to identify the offender. Anyone with information about the burglaries can contact the police by dialling 101.