Plogging: the eco-friendly health revolution hitting Hackney

Plogging: why just run when you can do your bit for the environment at the same time?

Out plogging: runners cleaning out the river
Want to get involved? The next plogging session is in Clapham Common on 9th December. Credit: Plogolution

A new Swedish craze captivating fitness fanatics and eco-warriors alike has come all the way to Hackney. It’s called plogging, a mixture of jogging and picking up litter.

Plogolution and Plastic Free Hackney joined forces to run the ‘plog’ on 17th November, with participants collecting everything from crisp packets to pool cues along their route.

Michelle Parkes, the co-founder of Plogolution, said: “We try and encourage people to think more sustainably, to try and reduce their reliance on single-use plastic.

Coming to Hackney seemed like an excellent opportunity to go further afield and spread the plogging message.”

Parkes founded Plogolution in July 2018 with her friend Dermot Kavanagh, and the brand is growing fast.

Parkes said: “We’ve held a number of successful plogs so far, with one in Battersea attracting 49 people and picking up over 100 bags of rubbish, much of which could be recycled.

We wanted to create a way to support healthy and happy communities who work on protecting their environment to pass a cleaner planet down to the next generation.”

The pair has plans to open the events up nationally, and would like to encourage people from outside London to get involved and join a plog.