New art on display every day in Old Street

An exhibition showing different works of art each day is on display in Old Street station this week.

Will Thomson has his work on display this week - with a different theme every day. Photo Credit: MTArt Agency

Commuters can see different works by Will Thomson, with themes including ‘Viewfinder’, which depicts outside spaces from an interior, and ‘Flashback’, which looks at familiar spaces transformed under cover of darkness.

The artist’s work takes inspiration from everyday objects, such as items of furniture or a door left ajar, within blocks of pure colour or raw canvas. He says this “questions the objectivity of the photograph as a ‘truth telling’ device, using sparse detail to evoke emotions rather than facts.”

Talking about the WASN’T IT UNCANNY exhibition, Thomson said he hoped people passing through the station would be interested in the visual nature of the exhibition to break the daily commute.

He explained: “It’s a very busy station, [I am] trying to get them to take a moment of their day to hopefully see something that encourages them to see more art.”

“There’s a different story behind each day’s narrative. [Monday’s] theme is the story of a plant that is outside of its natural habitat.

Will Thomson hopes his exhibition will encourage more people to see art. Credit: MTArt Agency

“It changes on a daily basis to cover memories, and fallibility, and how you can feel uncomfortable in a very familiar environment. It’s a little thing to trigger something that you usually overlook on a daily basis.”

Around 300 people attended the exhibition launch on Tuesday.

The exhibition is run by MT Art, and runs until Saturday 17 March in Unit 3, Old Street.