Moped muggings terrorise Stoke Newington residents

Moped wheel

Thieves on bikes and mopeds are nicking phones at a rate of five a week in Hackney.

Since January approximately 60 moped robberies have taken place in the borough. Stoke Newington is one of the hotspots with multiple complaints being made by residents in the last two months.

On local parenting Facebook page, Stokey Parents, one anonymous mother said: “Our wonderful nanny was mugged on Collins Road this morning. It was a man on a bike who grabbed the phone as she was using it.

“The worst part is that he also tried to grab her bag that was attached to our buggy and if she hadn’t held on so tight, our son could have been pulled over in his buggy and possibly hurt.

“It’s ridiculous that there are people out there who don’t mind mugging someone that has a baby with them,” the mother continued.

Sally Ward, of Clissold Park Users Group told the Hackney Post: “I was standing outside Borough Wines on Stoke Newington Church Street just checking something on my phone when I heard a moped coming towards me on the footpath.

“They tried to snatch my phone but I held on tight. They nearly hit three other women. It happened so fast. It really shook me up.”

Commander Simon Letchford, from the Metropolitan Police Service, said: “It is advisable to keep both hands on the phone and hold it on the building side rather than street side of the body to make it harder for thieves on pedal or motorbikes to snatch it.”

Image credit: windoel-cam on Blogger


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