Gemma’s brother threatens ‘consequences’ for internet trolls


The brother of murdered EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie has hit out at vile internet trolls mocking her death.

Gemma McCluskie

The sick gags circulated on Twitter and made fun of the star, who played teenage temptress Kerry Skinner in the BBC One soap in 2001.

One claimed that Ms McCluskie only became famous after her headless torso was found dumped in Regent’s Canal. Another, which mocked her horrific decapitation, was deleted by the site’s administrators after The Sun launched a campaign against internet trolls.

Friends and family of the late star were devastated by the abuse. Her distressed brother Danny hit back against the messages:

“All the scummy people making jokes about my sister will be found and face heavy consequences.”

Liam Walker, a friend of the family, expressed his anger:

“F*** em’ Dan! Just mugs mate! I’ve told a few p***** on here. Just brave behind a keyboard. Would melt if you put it on them.”

Furious Danny replied:

“Yer u no that mate f****** p***** sitting behind a computer no f****** bottle. Hope their families suffer.”

Danny’s mate Keely Williams also tweeted:

“Feel sick ppl can make jokes of sum1’s murder!! These ppl need a good slap or banning from twitter!! How wuld u feel if it was 1 of ur fam!”

The abuse appeared after tributes to Ms McCluskie from former EastEnders co-stars Natalie Cassidy and Brooke Kinsella. Ms Cassidy wrote a tribute column for Gemma in The People newspaper while Ms Kinsella spoke out on Twitter.

A close friend of the former actress, Gina Lynch, tweeted:

“Had a blessing 4 u last night. U would’ve liked it. I no u heard me coz i smiled 4 1st time, kids miss u mum n sisters do 2.”

Ms McCluskie’s other brother, Tony, has been charged with murdering his sister and dumping her headless and limbless torso in Regent’s Canal. He has been remanded in custody and a preliminary hearing has been provisionally set for March 26.