Mapped: Hackney’s worst roads for cycling

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Statistics released by Transport for London (TfL) reveal Old Street to be the most dangerous spot for cyclists in Hackney.

A total of nine cyclists reported injuries from accidents on Old Street in 2013.

The Hackney Post has created an interactive map which shows the extent of the injuries.

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Nearly 250 cyclists were injured in Hackney alone. Out of 248 reported cases, 20 were serious injuries.

Cyclists blame reckless drivers and poorly designed road systems.

Gareth Jones, a cyclist in London for more than 40 years, said he still doesn’t feel safe on the road. “It’s terribly frightening, the way some drivers behave. They just drive recklessly,” he said.

Carl Findley, co-founder of Hoxton’s Cycle Lab, a combined bike repair shop and café not far from Old Street, believes the number of unreported collisions on the street is likely higher still.

“I’ve been nudged by cars there a few times. That happens all the time, but obviously doesn’t get reported,” Findley said.

Findley also criticised poorly planned infrastructure, choosing as an example the intersection of Boot Street and Pitfield Street, where drivers and cyclists are directed in opposite directions along the same single-lane road.

Drivers coming out on this road often have no idea where bicycles will be coming from until they crash into them, Findley claimed.

“Accidents happen there all the time. A guy from a bike shop down the road got hit there last week. His bicycle was broken, but he got away with cuts and bruises. Cycling needs to be the first priority when planning, not an afterthought,” he said.

A total of 489 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on London roads in 2013, down from 671 the year before, something Trevor Parsons, chair of Hackney cyclists, said was “encouraging to see”.

But Mr Parsons questioned whether it was “statistically valid to try to identify a trend from one year to the next”.

Included in the statistic “killed or seriously injured” are 14 cyclists killed in road accidents in London in 2013. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said to the London Assembly in November of that year that although difficult, the statistic “must be seen in the context of an overall decline in deaths”.


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