Man left unconscious after another phone snatch attack

Rawle was mugged in the early hours of Saturday morning on Kingsland High Street. Credit: Dan Rawle

A man in Haggerston had his mobile phone stolen after he was punched in the face and left unconscious in the latest instance of phone-snatching which is plaguing the area.

Dan Rawle, 25, was walking home from a bar in the early hours of Saturday morning when he was hit by muggers on Kingsland High Street. They stole his wallet, keys, phone and driving licence. Rawle fell to the ground as blood poured from his head.

He said: “I woke up when a female passerby picked me up and called an ambulance. I was terrified but really lucky not to have died.” He was rushed to Homerton Hospital and discharged the next day with a black eye and stitches in his right eyebrow.

He told the Hackney Post that he “felt really fragile and unsafe” when he got home. “Now I keep my wits about me and remain vigilant when commuting home. When it’s dark you need to be more careful. Hackney is not safe and you have to up your game,” Rawle said.

Police Constable Dan Wheeler said: “We had three reported snatches this weekend in Haggerston. We have seen a rise in phone-snatching on the ward and people need to be more aware of their surroundings.”