London Fields schoolchildren remix hiphop song


A quirky collaboration between local schoolchildren and North London hip-hop group State of Play will be unveiled on Monday evening at the Hackney Picturehouse.

A group of 30 boys and girls from Hackney Pirates, a local education project geared towards developing literacy, have created a music video to complement State of Play’s song “Freedom of Speech”.

In the six weeks since the start of term the Pirates have worked hard during after-school sessions. The children were responsible for storyboarding, manufacturing props and individually choreographing their own dance. The six-week initiative culminated in an arduous day of filming and the children are eager to see the fruits of their labour at the production’s premiere.

Catriona Mclay founded The Hackney Pirates in 2010, and said, “This is a fantastic chance for the kids to show their friends and families what they have been working on.

“We are lucky to have a wealth of creative talent around us in Hackney and our children really had a chance to get into that.

“Everyone participated in brainstorming, analysing State of Play’s lyrics and deciding what would work. Each of them get to personally perform during their own short clip in the video.

“We want them to do better in school but also to learn some valuable skills they can use in the wider world. The best way to do that is to let them work on real-life published products like this.

“The kids are generally pretty excited about most of the things we do, from books to postcards, but this time was special. They have been able to really show off their skills.”

Free tickets for Monday evening’s premiere, which starts at 6pm at the Hackney Picturehouse, are still available.

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