Local business announces plans to give back to the community

Cave of Plunder
Cave of Plunder
Cave of Plunder in Hackney Downs. Image: Costas Kotrofis

A newly opened local business is set to do its bit for the community by giving local schools cut-price deals as well as a percentage of the profit.

Cave of Plunder has been open for just over a month on Lower Clapton Road and has now announced plans to launch initiatives to help the Hackney Downs and Clapton areas.

Costas Kotrofis, owner of Cave of Plunder, said that the shop “is for the whole community. I was born on this road. Then I went travelling and when I came back the area had changed so I decided to open the shop.”

“We’re planning to do some initiatives in schools where we go in and sell them products of the same quality as they’d get from bigger businesses but for cheaper. The school will also then get some of the profits.”

The products which could be used in the initiative include high quality school bags. They would be sold directly to the school at a saving of around 25% and then the school would receive a portion of the profit as well.

“We’ve already done a presentation at Bsix (Brooke House Sixth Form College), and we’re planning to do something at the local mosque. We’re aiming at the whole community. If you single people out you will fail.”

Cave of Plunder stocks a wide range of gifts and also contains a coffee shop which sources bread from the E5 Bakery. The business started out as a purely online venture but has since expanded to include the flagship store in Hackney. They plan to open a fancy dress department in the store in the near future.

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  1. Very good family store and great idea.

    Went in the other day and can see they are def trying to be a business for the whole community just by what they offer. I love their chocolate bar milkshakes in the cafe, ferrero rocher milkshake the most and the best thing about it, is I can eat everything they have as it is from salt beef sandwich to measured old skool sweets we had when i was a kid as it is all halal and pick up a present at the same time!

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