Knitting club launched for Dalston’s nimble-fingered

Some of Dalston

Stitching is now en vogue in Dalston after a knitting club launched last weekend.

Experts were joined by beginners at the first weekly Stitch Mark East gathering, held at Cafe Oto on Ashwin Street on Sunday.

Armed with bundles of colourful wool, cups of coffee and the occasional slice of cake, several nimble-fingered creatives set about making scarves and other woollen wonders.

Founder, 29-year-old Rachael Lloyd, said she was pleased with the turnout. Lloyd used to knit with friends back in Edinburgh, and missed the sociable side of her hobby when she moved to London.

“I wanted to find friends who knit and to meet people in the area,” she said. “But I couldn’t find any clubs local to me.”

Instead, she created her own, publicising the event online on knitting forum Stitch and Bitch. But despite it being her idea, Rachael doesn’t want to be the teacher.

“I’m an amateur knitter as well – I’d like to get better through having the club,” she said, adding she wants to avoid it being pretentious or off-putting to knitting newcomers.

“People can just drop in or out, come and chat and see how it goes,” she said.

Rachael, who has tried her hand at everything from fingerless gloves to hats and iPod socks, said it was brilliant how fashionable the craft had become. “It’s definitely back in vogue,” she said.

“If I’d said I was knitting back when I was a student people would have looked at me oddly.

“It ties in with the recession because people want to make their own stuff, and it’s ecologically friendly.

Louise Brown, an ICT development officer who came along with her housemate and was busy knitting a dishcloth, said she thought Stitch Mark East was a great idea.

“I saw it advertised on Twitter and I just fancied giving it a go,” she said. “It’s a good way to meet people too.”

See Stitch Mark East on Facebook for more details


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