Driver’s ‘heart stopped’ at the wheel in Kingland Rd collision

Fire services rushed to the scene to aid the truck driver

Kingsland Road was in chaos on Thursday morning after a truck driver crashed into lamp posts and a bus after his heart stopped at the wheel.

The man, reported to be in his fifties, lost control of his vehicle shortly after 9am Thursday morning before being rushed to hospital on Kingsland Road.

The incident caused massive pileups around the area after police closed the road between Old Street and Falkirk Street.

One commuter described the aftermath of the shocking collision:

“Three blocks were cordoned off and there were masses of police and fire trucks. My bus ran into the roadblock…all the passengers had to get off and walk around the accident area”.

The man was taken “as a priority” to the London Chest Hospital for treatment according to one duty officer for the London Ambulance Service.

One onlooker captured the moment bus passangers were evacuated from the scene as emergency services worked to return Kingsland rd to working order.

A spokeswoman from London Ambulance service said: “The first of our medics arrived in four minutes of the call coming into our control room.

“We treated a man who was in cardiac arrest”.

His condition in hospital is currently unknown.

Neighbourhood Sgt Simon Baker from Shoreditch Police Station wrote online later on Thursday to report Kingsland Road had been reopened: