Interactive map: A street art tour of Shoreditch


Credit: Laura Cantadori

Almost every day, at least one new street art piece pops up in Shoreditch, the area of London most populated by street art and graffiti.

Although street art is meant to be temporary, artists frequently choose the same walls. At least that’s what happens in the streets of Shoreditch, where some works last a long time, some are stolen and some are painted over – it’s all a question of chance.

From Shepard Fairey to Bansky, street artists come to this area of London from all over the world: Shoreditch hosts the greatest concentration of techniques, variety, and beauty of street art in the whole city.

Interactive: The very best street art in Hackney

Interactive map designed by Laura Cantadori. The full-size version is available here.

We have selected the main streets to walk through if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of the best street art in Hackney:

1. Brushfield Street – E16AT


In Bushfield Street you’ll find a great collection of stickers. Among the others, there are Shepard Fairey, ABOVE and Dface.

2. Crispin Street – E16HQ


Street signs are one of the favourite targets for street artists. Clet Abraham is the most creative one with those.

3. Toynbee Street – E17NE


Keep your eyes open, because Toynbee street, an apparently featureless road, hosts a lot of great pieces.

4. Fashion Street – E16PX


Fashion street is an amazing gallery where you can feel the true spirit of street art: art for everyone.

5. Brick Lane – E16RL


In Brick Lane, street art is everywhere, even on the windows of some businesses. Check every corner of the street because many pieces are hidden!

6. Fournier Street and Princelet Street – E16QE and E16QJ


Some great artists covered the walls of these streets: Shok, Stik and Otto Schade.

7. Hanbury Street – E15JJ


Among the others, don’t miss the great works by Borondo and Roa.

8. Sclater Street and Bethnal Green Road – E16HR and E16HT


A great concentration of different techniques: sculptures, stickers, graffiti and street art.

9. Great Eastern Street – EC2A3NT


You’ll see two trains on a building, mushrooms growing on roofs and much more.

10. New Inn Yard – EC2A3EE


A tiny hidden square, this place is full of art.

11. Rivington Street – EC2A


Visit the Cargo club on Rivington Street to see two great pieces by Bansky. But don’t forget to check the rest of the street.

All photographs featured here were taken by Laura Cantadori.