Hero bouncer fights off firework thugs

"If the firework caught me in the eye, I would have been in trouble!" Hero bouncer Michael Ameh. Credit: Will Horner

A hero bouncer who fought off a gang of muggers armed with fireworks, detained two attackers and returned a stolen phone has been lauded as a hero by his employer.

Head doorman Michael Ameh, was hit in the face by a firework that narrowly missed his eye, as he confronted an aggressive gang of four at 11pm on Sunday 29 October in Hoxton Square.

He sprinted “like a sportsman” said owner of Zigfrid von Underbelly, Paul Daly, when he heard a young girl shouting that she was being mugged.

Seeing the gang of youths surround the girl, Ameh took the phone from the muggers, before grabbing one of them by the coat.

“They became very aggressive,” he told the Hackney Post, “and the older one attacked me. I held one in one hand and defended myself with my other hand.”

As Ameh was holding one attacker and ushering customers inside the venue he was struck on the temple by one of three fireworks fired at him by a member of the gang standing on the other side of the street.

“If it had caught me in the eye I would be in big trouble,” he said, laughing.

“He’s a hero who deserves a medal,” said Daly, “It’s not his job to do things like that, most people wouldn’t.”

“He’s a hero. It’s not his job to do things like that.” Paul Daly (left) and Michael Ameh (right). Credit: Will Horner

Ameh managed to detain two attackers inside the Shoreditch bar until police arrived and arrested them. The other two muggers fled the scene.

The bouncer, who sends a portion of his monthly salary back to his mother in Nigeria to pay for her cataract treatment, thanked the actions of his colleague Quentin who was beaten by the attackers while trying to help.

“If he hadn’t ran out too I wouldn’t have been able to stop them,” he said.

Ameh is studying for a masters in international relations at Middlesex University, and intends to return to Nigeria to become a politician.