Hackney seniors out on the tiles


A HACKNEY dominoes team are to take their fight to the international stage next Spring as they compete in a tri-nation tournament.

Players from the Caribbean Domino and Social Organisation will face teams from Guyana and the USA in the 23-year-old tournament, which will take place in either Hackney or Guyana.

Eighty-two year old club president Louis Parks led the team in the Golden Games at the Olympic Park’s Copper Box arena last month, and said he was proud of the club and what it was achieving.

“It has run for 23 years. It was started by me when I was a member of the Guyanan High Commission.

“I’m very proud and very happy. I have been a member for 25 years. We were losing members, but from 2013 a lot of members returned.

“In two years we’ve put £7,000 in the bank. There are a lot of senior citizens, so my aim is to get a 24-seater minibus.”

On 13 December, the club, which meets every Sunday on Mount Pleasant Lane, will be throwing a fundraising party at Caribbean Edge Exquisite in Tottenham, which more than 250 people are expected to attend.

The party will also celebrate the 48th anniversary of the club’s opening.

Wendy Duncan, 61, is the vice president of the club. “Most of the women back home didn’t have time to play but when they come here and see how popular it is here, they want to play.

“We have the big presentation. This year the ladies trashed the young men and the seniors.”