Hackney restaurant Pidgin awarded Michelin Star

Taken by Milly Kenny-Ryder.
Photo taken by Milly Kenny-Ryder.

Hackney restaurant Pidgin awarded Michelin Star.

Pidgin restaurant on Wilton Way has been awarded a Michelin Star for its outstanding food.

Beginning as a supper club at his flat in Holloway, owner James Ramsden said that he chose Hackney Central to open his first restaurant, as “I liked the idea of being a neighbourhood restaurant with a homely vibe”.

“We are obviously really pleased to have been awarded a Michelin star as it is nice to get recognised in that way.”

Mr Ramsden insisted that achieving Michelin status was not the original aim of the restaurant, but the food should speak for itself!

He added, “we felt we were late to the party in terms of discovering Hackney Central; it is a mini-Columbia Road in a way.

“It is certainly nice to be a part of whatever might be going on in the future of the borough. Everything we do with the restaurant we try to balance formality and quality yet continue to be true to the context of Hackney and not stick out like a sore thumb”. 

Featured photo taken by Milly Kenny-Ryder