Hackney repeat abortion rate twice national average


Teenage girls in Hackney return to the clinic for second and third abortions more than girls in any other part of the country, new figures show.

The borough’s repeat abortion rate was more than twice as high as the national average in 2007.

The news shocked campaigners, who described the figures as “a tragedy” and warned of the “devastating effects” of multiple abortions on Hackney’s young women.

Norman Wells, a spokesman for the pro-life organisation Family and Youth Concern, said: “This alarming number of repeat teenage abortions is the inevitable fruit of a society that has made an idol of sexual pleasure.”

One in five teenage abortions in Hackney was performed on a girl who had already had one or more terminations, compared with a national average of just one in 10.

The proportion of teenagers having multiple abortions was also higher than average in some of the primary care trusts that surround Hackney.

The figures, which give teenage abortion rates for every primary care organisation in the country, came to light under Freedom of Information.

They also indicated that over a third of abortions in Hackney are carried out on 15 to 17 year olds.

City and Hackney Primary Care Trust declined to comment on the reason for the high number of abortions and repeat abortions.

A spokesperson for the ProLife Alliance, said: “It’s not only a tragedy for the aborted babies but it can have devastating effects on the young women.”

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  1. I feel that every woman should have access to abortion. However the availability of the morining after pill, condoms (free in family planning clinics, i think), and more long contraception, (like the coil, which i think can be fitted on the NHS), i don't understand why women have repeat abortions. Yes, accidents happen, and of course there are pregancies that are the result of rape, yet it must be stressed that abortion is not contraception. Additionally why after so much has been done to increase awareness about STIs are people not using condoms?

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