Hackney police cuts ‘could lead to anti-social behaviour rise’


Police cuts could lead to the rise of anti-social behaviour crime in Shoreditch, according to Hackney council.

Data released by the Metropolitan Police in September shows that anti-social behaviour is the second highest crime type in the borough. The number of such offences started to spike in May and has been increasing since.

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Sophie Linden, Hackney council’s Deputy Leader, raised the issue during a committee meeting in Shoreditch.

“Our biggest worry is that with more cuts these crimes will keep on rising,” said Mrs Linden. “There must be a partnership work in Shoreditch between police and council to get people home safely.”

“But the movement away from neighbourhood policing is not the solution. Budget cuts contribute to the problem.”

Anti-social behaviour refers to any nuisance, disorder, and harassment, according to the Met Police website. In Shoreditch, the most severe problems are street drinking, noise and vagrancy. They occur mostly around the Shoreditch triangle and Hoxton Street during weekends.

No further comment on anti-social behaviour or cuts could be obtained from Hackney police.

Image: Michael Stone