Calm Down, Deer! Firework display to go ahead despite wildlife concerns


Clissold Park’s firework display will take place as planned next month, but with ‘low noise’ fireworks after concerns were raised about loud noise frightening the park’s herd of fallow deer.

Hackney Council tested different types of fireworks after comments on social media showed concern for the animals, with one user tweeting: “It is awful for the wildlife (and caged animals), I hope it doesn’t go through!” Meanwhile, others cited disturbed pets as proof that the deer might be similarly spooked.

A spokesperson for the Council confirmed that the “low noise” fireworks would be used to “ensure the welfare of the animals at Clissold Park is not affected.”

Low noise fireworks typically contain less flashpowder than ordinary consumer fireworks, which is the chemical that causes loud bangs.

Mark Forsyth, Chair of the Clissold Park User Group, said he was pleased with the Council’s decision. “The event is always well attended and people like having a local fireworks display.

“We’ve had a few new deer in the park since last year so we weren’t sure how they’d react.”

The display, for which the Council has given away hundreds of free tickets to local residents and charities, takes place on Saturday 4 November.