8 pictures of Hackney’s best and most good dogs


Here at the Hackney Post, we like to do important journalism. That’s why, to celebrate the end of Crufts, we’ve been pounding the streets of Hackney to bring you the very best dogs that the borough has to offer.

We found this cheery guy just outside Hackney Picturehouse, but he didn’t feel like putting on a smile for the camera.

Sometimes, we all need to take a break. It’s just a pity we can’t all be picked up and carried when we’re done with running.

When you’ve got a coat like this, it’s really good news when the sun comes out. Could there be a better birthday present for Nala than this weather?

You get two for the price of one with this troublesome pair. Bone theft is a serious offence, and we don’t want to make light of it, but Beau will probably get over it eventually.

Sooty is beautiful, and what’s more, he doesn’t even mind hanging around waiting for his owner to finish her pint.

It’s not often you meet a bilingual dog. We were unable to verify Pedro’s owner’s boast that he could bark in Spanish, but it’s a pretty cute fact anyway.

This is Dorsche – one red we wouldn’t mind finding under the bed. We’re redistributing affection from us to this pup.

Bridie Pearson-Jones contributed to this piece.