Hackney artists take big apple by storm


Two Hackney artists are bringing the British wind and rain to the Big Apple.

Contributing to Exchange Rates, an international biennale exposition in New York City, the married founders of Campbell Works, Harriet Murray and Neil Taylor, will be filling a gallery with fog, wind and rain.

“We were originally thinking about smoke and fog machines and it led onto the idea of literally taking some British weather with us,” explained Taylor.



‘Anomaly Island’, another work exploring Britishness, by Harriet Murray Image Credit: Campbell Works

“So we’re taking huge fans and smoke machines, lights and rain. Some of the artwork will actually just get so wet that they’ll fall off the walls… [so] we’re providing [visitors with] umbrellas!”

Even though both artists are willing to ‘destroy’ their work, they will be sharing the gallery space with another group of British artists: Newcastle’s Gallery North.

“We initially talked about our idea [with Newcastle’s gallery] and they were like: ‘Yeah, great!’,” said Murray. “And then they were coming back going: ‘How wet will it be?’.”

The organisers will provide plastic sheets to protect any other artwork that might be damaged.

Campbell Works will be at Exchange Rates from 20th to 23rd October.