Let’s help Tim get his Green Triumph bike back!


A Hackney resident has all but given up hope of finding his prized Green Triumph bike, despite an impassioned plea to the pilferer for its return which went viral.

Tim Jones, 28, woke on Saturday 5 March to find the bike gone from where he left it unlocked the previous night outside the Jolly Butcher pub in Stoke Newington.

Have you seen this Green Triumph bike?

The Green Triumph bicycle, also known as ‘Traffic Master’, was last seen at the Jolly Butchers pub on Friday 4 March; Credit: Tim Jones

His heartfelt plea, which he put onto posters close to the pub, was picked up by social media and soon his message to the thief was all over the internet.


Tim’s original message:

“To the guy who took my Green Triumph Bike from outside the Jolly Butchers on Friday night at 4am please please please can I have it back. It’s totally my fault because I didn’t lock it up and I don’t blame you, it’s a sweet bike, but I really love it.

“I saw you on the CCTV and you look like a pretty normal guy so please you’ll make my year. I can’t overstate how much I love this bike.

“I know leaving it unlocked doesn’t make it look like it, but I really do.”

Despite receiving many messages of support, Mr Jones is no closer to finding his beloved two-wheeler.

“I’ve had quite a few people texting me about it, wishing me well,” he said.

“I’m not really keeping my hopes up anymore.”

In an interview with Hackney Post, Mr Jones reconstructed the events on that fateful winter evening.

“I was only planning on staying for a beer or two”, he said, “so I put it on a stand just a few metres from me but then a few beers turned into more, my girlfriend suggested we get a takeaway and then I completely forgot about it and went home.

“It was a bit of a sh*t bike and I rebuilt it a few times myself.”

Hopes of a return to happier days

Tim retains faith that he and his bike will be reunited once again; Credit: Tim Jones

“Me and my girlfriend were taking it on holiday with us. It’s been to Margate and Dorset. It’s been everywhere.”

Mr Jones said this is not the first time his beloved bike, nicknamed “Traffic Master”, has gone missing.

“This happened before, exactly like this, and a guy called John who used to beg on the high street gave it back to me.”

He also reiterated that he does not consider the man who took his bike a thief. “I don’t think the guy that nicked it was doing it in a nasty way, he just found it,” he said.

Mr Jones has offered a cash reward for safe return of his bike of between £50-100. The money, he said, was nothing compared to the bike and said he was prepared to offer whatever people want.

“I’m trying to appeal to their nice side.”

Any information? Contact the Hackney Post newsroom at thehackneypost@gmail.com

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